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1967 - The Winters Tale

By William Shakespeare

1967 Winters Tale.jpg


Archidamus - Gordon Humby

Camillo - James Rimell

Polixenes - Tom Bewley

Leontes - Saj Hill

Hermine - Norma Jennings

Mamillius - Matthew Irvin 

Lady attending the Queen - Marion Churchill

Emilia - Shirley Jelliss

Lord attending Leontes - Bill Seddon

Antigonus - Grant Chandler

Paulina - Valerie Seddon

Gaoler - Bill Scates

Lord attending Leontes - Ron Harper

Cleomenes - Gordon Humby

Mariner - Bill Scates

Shepherd - Edwin Rudd

Clown - John Beardsmore

Time (Chorus) - Gordon Humby, Shirley Jelliss

Autolycus - Norman Jennings

Florizel - Elliot Porte

Perdita - Toni Jelliss

Mopsa - Shirley Jelliss

Dorcas -Marion Churchill

A Shepherd - Ron Harper 

Servant to Shepherd - Grant Chandler

Lord attending Leontes - Grant Chandler

A Gentleman - Bill Scates


Directed by Frank Wilcocks

Stage Manager - Jean Ross

Assistant Stage Manager - Con Chandler


Norman Ashman, Bob Gedge, Peter Gould, Martin Prince, Colin Terrey, Jim Wiles

Sound and Music

Barry Jones


Con Chandler, Edwin Rudd


Sheilah Asker

Front of House 

Joyce Mead

Business Manager

Gordon Humby

1967 The Winter's Tale Programme

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