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1984 - As You Like It

By William Shakespeare


Orlando - Nick Blunden

Adam - Norman Jennings

Oliver - Patrick Stevens

Charles - Graham P. Dowling

Celia - Sue Bullock

Rosalind - Cheryl Davies

Touchstone - Daryl Craig-Elliot

Le Beau - Vic Gingell

Duke Frederick - Bill Seddon

Lord to Duke Frederick - Peter Fowler

Amiens - Simon Ratsey

Lord Attending the Duke - Robert Etherton 

Corin - Derek Etherton

Sylvius - Simon Leonard

Jaques - Frank Willcocks

Audrey - Norma Jennings

Sir Oliver Martext - Edwin Rudd

Phebe - Katie Steiner

William - Barry Howlett

Milk-maids - Lara Etherton, Lucy Etherton

A Masquer - Edwin Rudd

Jaques - Barry Howlett

Corin's Dog - Ben Etherton


Directed by Con Chandler

Assistant to Stage Director Tricia Etherton


Grant Chandler, Bob Gedge, Peter Gould, Martyn Prince, Jean Ross, John Stacey, Jim Wiles



Trevor Clare


Con Chandler, Edwin Rudd


Sheilah Asker

Musical Advisor

Barry Jones

Front of House Manager

Joyce Mead

Assisted By

Shirley Cox, Elizabeth Davison, Doreen Humby, Elizabeth Rimell, Olive Wiles, Sarah Wiles

1984 - As You Like It

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