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The Tempest

Directed by Paul Sparrowham and Mark Griffiths

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Lighting - Chris Wilkes

Sound - Mark Griffiths

Stage Manager - Emily Caitlin

Art & Photography - Paul Sparrowham

Catering - Lesley Wilson, Gary Caitlin & RST Volunteers

Costume - June Fitzgerald & Members of The Cast

Technical Assistance - Bob Gedge

Front of House - Chrissie O'Connor

Facilities Manager - Piers Everett

With thanks to

Dominic Everett & Ned McKiernan

Our play is set on the strange, unnamed, island home of Prospero. A place out of time, that exists between magic and reality. A magnet for stricken vessels and aircraft. Here all times exist as one; where the future, past and present are strange bedfellows indeed.

Cast aside by his people, Prospero and his infant daughter, weather the unnatural winds and run aground. He creates a new life for them both by taking command of the spirits and elementals, bending them to his will.

When years later, another ship is caught off guard, carrying the very people that first betrayed him, Prospero starts to plot both his revenge and to guide his lonely daughter towards finding love.

Yet a complication arises when one of the subjugated spirits, Caliban, seeing the opportunity for it's own revenge and falls in league with some drunken fools from the newest ship wreck.

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Sponsored by Impact Capital Group

The Tempest 2022 Programme


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